Security Loop

Rendered Video Loop 

intended to be rear projected


Road Surface

Composited image 

Chromogenic Paper  127x182cm 


Exploring the paradox of sovereignty in the digital sphere through the existing border wall between the United States and Mexico located in Imperial County, California.

A simple search query travels through a public internet exchange to a private centre. More often than not, data travels outside of formally sovereign dataspace. As data infrastructure grows and the physical computing structure of the world expands, this problem only intensifies, fundamentally calling into question Westphalian definitions of sovereignty. As these “soft” borders weaken, the strengthening of “hard” borders become ideologically significant. 

The endless pacing of the United States Customs and Border Patrol is documented through a large photo composite, weighed down by clay balls as a rendered security camera that surveils endlessly on its pivot is projected onto a semi-transparent tarp.

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