Three Prisoners

 Inkjet Print, 101x152cm, 2019.

As He is to be Slaughtered

 Inkjet Print, 101x152cm, 2019.

They Do Not Know The Way

 Inkjet Print, 101x152cm, 2019.

In this series, I explore digital consciousness, as a result of the physicality attributed to the digital world, namely: ray traced imagery.  Through my series of prints, echoing compositions from Francisco Goya’s The Disasters of War, I prod at the consequences of this new way of seeing.  Through use of a photo-scanned face, reminiscent of a mask, I draw the viewer's’ attention to the state of purgatory in which a digital image/representation exists. The viewer becomes aware of the humanity they assign to this object - a representation of faces.

As a starting point for my content, I asked myself “what does a digital representation think of its own reflection”? I have created three scenarios at 101x152 cm. I use scale to create narratives that carry themes of fragmentation, purgatory, and discovery. 

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