Video Documentation of monitor book/video, 2018.

What are the consequences of the unifying structures that allow the virtual world to exist, such as search engines?  Each image transfer into the virtual world is conducted by codifying its description and suspending it for reanimation.  If we think about photography as death, with an embalming quality that crystallizes a record of light, we can think of the virtual as a kind of purgatory, that reanimates the dead, forever in stasis.

Scraping every image of the Queen off of Google Images, I used facial cropping to process each image and created a video that quickly cycles through each re-cased monitor, surrounded by 240 risographs of various portraits taken throughout her life. 

Queen Elizabeth II is a figurehead that is emblematic of the transition from physical to virtual images. A consecration of the Crown and State, the Queen’s portrait was highly controlled.. As colonialism fell out of vogue, while image-making accelerated and media saturation began to take hold,  the Queen’s image moved from that of aristocracy to celebrity. Imagery of the Queen has completed its final transition into purgatory as a kitsch, encyclopedic entry; a skeleton that can be reanimated, as per a user's will, to reinvigorate the idea of the Queen and the statehood she used to symbolize. 

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